New Copy for Visitation: A Novel of Death and Inconvenience

Visitation: A Novel of Death and Inconvenience

Pete Ferguson has been having a bad year. His wife left him a few months ago for a carpeting contractor, and he’s spending increasing amounts of time taking care of a deadbeat brother with a penchant for drunken nudity, all of this while co-managing an air charter service with his father. And his dad just dropped dead of a heart attack in the cockpit of one of their airplanes.

Cue a swarm of interlopers, the most intrusive being his father’s sister Aunt Bernadette, who has some specific ideas of how the funeral should unfold, and a hipster preacher from New Zealand named Budgie Dickerson. And there’s more. Pete’s sister Rachel struggles with how to deliver a momentous bit of news to her family, his cousin Tom attempts to deal with the possibility that his wife is being unfaithful, and his brother Stevie embarks on a quixotic mission to accomplish no less than the redemption of his father’s good name.

But Pete just wants to have a nice quiet funeral for his father, spend a bit of time with his sister Rachel who’s flying in from California, and contemplate what to do with his life. If he can mange to make it through the rest of the week.

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