Fifty-One Shades of Jealous, or When Are People Going to Start Looking at Me?

Celebrity deaths bring out the best and worst in people. To be honest, though, so do traffic lights, Chinese buffets, sunrises, and dolphins.

And changes in wind direction.

And Tupperware.

And everything.

Celebrity deaths, though. After these events, some folks offer thoughts of condolence, sorrow, and tribute. Others say nothing, either because they don’t have words to say, need time to formulate their thoughts or feel their words might cause more harm than good.

Then there are the ones who can’t not speak, even when what they have to say is the equivalent of a surprise Monday morning colonoscopy.

Oh, these people*.

It goes something like this: Why are you all talking about that person when you should really be talking about This Other Thing? After all, people can only pay attention to one thing at a time, at the expense of all others. It’s the way human brains are wired. It’s neuroscience, you guys.

Everywhere I look, I see that person’s face, these sunshine rays complain. People are saying nice things about that person. When I’m forced to get up out of bed and log into my favorite social media platform, all I see is blah, blah, blah about that person. All day long. Why is everyone talking about that person?

<Subtext: I didn’t like that person.>

<Sub-sub-text: Why aren’t you talking about me?>


*These may be the same people, in fact, who, as children, threw tantrums when other kids received birthday presents.



  1. Jerry O'Connor says:

    I was particularly offended this week by all the pictures posted of someone with Robin Williams. That’s not a tribute, that’s a “Look at me”.

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