Unity Around the Trash Heap

In life, just as there are things that drive people apart, there are also things that bring them together. Raise the hood of a car, for instance, and dudes will approach from all directions, hitching pants, adjusting ballcaps–even if they’re only imaginary–and, most importantly, dispensing advice. Start a conversation about sports, and many a man will opine, even if he knows nothing about the teams being discussed. (Not being a sports fan, when I find myself in such a situation, I just make things up: team names, game rules, you name it. I’ve never been called out yet.)

Today, I was lucky enough to find another great uniter: The great heap of garbage. Assemble a mound of trash in the front yard or driveway for pickup, and people will suddenly appear, folks you’ve never seen before. They’ll poke, prod, look askance, even occasionally tentatively reach in for a promising item, only to toss it back in once they realize you’re not some assclown who just throws away a perfectly good something.

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