Stephen King’s Under the Dome: Coming to a Small(er) Screen Near You

I’m sort of looking forward to Stephen King’s Under the Dome, which begins tonight on CBS. The book was good, though it was nowhere close to any of King’s best works. It had a solid story, and the miniseries features some actors I like, most notably Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris.

My main concern is that screen adaptations of King’s works don’t have the best track records, the stories suffer, and they almost always end up with bad endings. Even a notable exception, The Stand, also a miniseries and a a better effort than most, ended up with a shallow last act. The novel Under the Dome, in my opinion, had a not-so-great ending anyway, so we’ll see how that pans out.

Under-the-Dome-coverI’ll admit, though, that I read Under the Dome between the last installment of The Dark Tower series and 11/22/63–two exceptional novels, by any standards–so it’s very possible that Under the Dome suffered somewhat by comparison.

At any rate, I’ll be watching this. Or at least I’ll be DVRing and watching at a convenient time. Probably late at night.

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