Stories Update

Here’s an update on the “Publications” section of the website:

I now have scans of all the out-of-print stories posted, including “Holy Roller High,” “The Big Send-Off,” and “Sins of the Father.”

To view the stories, go to the “Publications” page of the site and click on the links under the publication cover images. Or you can click the links below.

“Holy Roller High”: A group of students faces off against a zealous itinerant preacher when rock music and just a pinch of teen rebellion intersect with fire-and-brimstone religion. “Holy Roller High” was published in Lullwater Review.

“Sins of the Father”: A young man’s troubled encounter with his grandfather causes him to contemplate a future without a family. “Sins of the Father,” a short story, was published in Oracle Fine Arts Review and placed in the Top 100 in the 74th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.

“The Big Send-Off”: When he receives a discharge from the military, a young man realizes the day he’s been anticipating for four years may not be all he hoped it would be. “The Big Send-Off” was published in Oracle Fine Arts Review.

“The Last Resort”: An overweight man, willing to do anything to shed pounds, goes to a weight-loss clinic where he begins to realize the doctor in charge may be much more than he appears. “The Last Resort” was published in Aoife’s Kiss.

“The Screamin’ Bean”: After a long time apart, two friends meet at a hip and strange coffeehouse to catch up on old times. “The Screamin’ Bean” was published in Oracle Fine Arts Review.

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